How to restore a 64-bit database into a 32-bit instance using a compressed backup

This one seems to baffle some, though like redirected restores, it’s something that is only tough the first few times. If you attempt to restore a 64-bit database on a 32-bit instance using a compressed backup image, you get this scary error message:

SQL2570N  A database cannot be restored on a platform that does not match the
platform on which the backup image was created.

Usually you then scratch your head and double check the versions of the OS and maybe go confuse a Sysadmin or two.

Many people give up at this point, and just go take an uncompressed backup, but the solution is well documented and simple. All you have to do is to add the comprlib option on your restore command with the right library listed. Where do you find the right library? Well, I do this so infrequently, I generally google it, but here’s the link to a good source:

It really is as simple as adding that one option on your restore command. However, if you receive this error when you really are trying to restore from say Linux to Windows, I can’t help you there – cross platform restores for DB2 have limited support:

Ember Crooks
Ember Crooks

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