New WCS Troubleshooting Webcast from IBM

This post is specific to WebSphere Commerce.

I’m usually pretty critical of the IBM webcasts about WebSphere Commerce. There have been some pretty bad or incomplete ones in relation to WebSphere Commerce databases(“run dbclean” is the most frustrating, general advice ever). So I went into the one I listened to on Tuesday with low expectations. When billable hours are on the low side, I look for learning opportunities to spend my time on, and I’m glad I had time for this one.

The slides are available here, and if the replay isn’t posted there soon, I’ll find where it is posted and provide a link to it, too.

I particularly liked cases 2,3, and 5 – all scenarios I have seen more than once before myself. While not database focused, this webcast did an excellent job of pointing out how problems at different tiers manifest at the various tiers. I like the slides showing the issue and the connections running all the way through the tiers, showing that either a really quiet database or a wildly busy one can be indications of problems at a different tier or the database tier. Some of the concepts presented there would apply to any multi-tier e-commerce implementation, too, not just WebSphere Commerce.

Check this one out – if you’re experienced with WCS databases, it may not be new, but it does a good job of presenting the information in a good format. And it emphasizes load tests in preventing problems that manifest at the database level, which I constantly push for.

Ember Crooks
Ember Crooks

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