Happy 6th Blogiversary to db2commerce.com!

It has been 6 years since I started to blog, and about four and a half years of weekly blogging!

Over that time, I have published over 460,000 words in more than 410 posts! That’s 4-8 books worth of content! I’m a whole reference shelf!

Nearly 50,000 of those words were written by 6 guest bloggers:
Mike Krafick
Ian Bjorhovde
Pavan Kristipati
Abhik Roy
Luke Numrych
Jim Reutener

Thanks to my wonderful readers, I have now passed ONE MILLION (hear my Doctor Evil voice?) lifetime page views for the blog! I remember when I was just starting to blog, and Susan Visser reached two million page views on her blog – I just couldn’t ever picture getting that far with my blog, which was getting about 50 page views each weekday at the time. With the concept of “Content is King, and Consistency is Queen” that I learned from Antonio Cangiano, two million seems possible – just give me another five years!

I have become a minor celebrity at conferences. My friends are amused whenever they’re standing with me and someone comes up and introduces themselves or asks for their picture with me. It makes me feel wonderful to get to meet readers and hear from them. I get a lot out of blogging, and knowing that I am actually making a difference to someone is just the ultimate reward. I learn a lot from writing and get almost enough from just the act of writing to keep motivated, but the random notes and introductions in person or on social media or email just make it so that I cannot stop writing, even when I’m frustrated or overwhelmed.

Thank you for reading. I hope you’re finding your own way to contribute to the DB2 community.

Ember Crooks
Ember Crooks

Ember is always curious and thrives on change. She has built internationally recognized expertise in IBM Db2, spent a year working with high-volume MySQL, and is now learning Snowflake. Ember shares both posts about her core skill sets and her journey learning Snowflake.

Ember lives in Denver and work from home

Articles: 557


  1. Happy birthday and thank you so much for your contribution to the DB2-community!
    Please continue your fantastic work!


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