Data Science Learning Resources

This will be a dynamic page, changing as I discover new resources. Please comment with any resources you have experience with and that you think would be useful.

Online Resources

Charles Pensing’s self-study curriculum – A nice appoach to data science, learning on your own.
Data Quest offers an online interactive curriculum that you can start for free and pay for some of the more complicated and guided parts. I tried some of their Python modules, and was impressed.
Johns Hopkins offers a Data Science Specialization with a certificate that can be taken online. It’s nice to have the certificate part to prove your learning.

Vendor Offerings and Certifications

IBM offers a data science fundamentals track that includes two open badges for free. The link includes several other learning tracks on cognitive class (glad they renamed big data university!) that may be of interest.
Google offers a data engineer certification and training material and courses.
Amazon offers a certification for big data on AWS.
Microsoft offers a professional program on data science that is free to complete if you don’t want the verified certificates, but costs for the certificates.