DB2’s Got Talent – March 2 – DB2 9.7 Deadlock and Lock Timeout Analysis

For Friday’s DB2’s Got Talent, I presented on the new method for deadlock and lock timeout analysis available in DB2 9.7. I’ve blogged on this in the past, so there are several entries you should go read for further details:

Analyzing Deadocks – the old way Gives a detailed look at deadlock analysis before 9.7 – a method that still works in 9.7. This was mentioned in the DB2’s Got Talent presentation, but was not covered in detail

Analyzing Deadocks – the new way Covers some of the same material as the DB2’s Got Talent presentation. It is a step-by-step instruction set for implementing this method and includes even more SQL for analyzing the output.

Fun With 9.7 Locktimout Analysis Covers a real-world investigation into lock timeouts using the new method, and goes into greater detail than I had time for in the DB2’s Got talent presentation. It includes specific SQL  and my thought process while analyzing a situation.

I’ve also run into an issue with online reorgs on unformatted event monitor tables. I’ve got a PMR open. I’m updating what I find here: Issue with Online Reorg on Unformatted Event Tables

Please go vote for me. I get farther along in the competition as much by how many people I can solicit to go vote for me as I do on the quality of my presentations. The link to vote is:


Voting is now closed. Please check out my post on round 2: DB2′s Got Talent – March 16 – db2caem: The Untold Story

They look to see if the names and emails are valid on the votes.


I will post the link to the replay here later today when it becomes available.

Ember Crooks
Ember Crooks

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