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For the first 6 months or so that I was blogging on my hosted solution, I watched the spam comments closely, looking for comments that would be falsely marked as spam. Not seeing a single one in that entire period, I stopped watching closely.

Well, today, I discovered 5 comments over the last two weeks that were marked as spam that shouldn’t have been. I suspect the problem started with an update to my spam plugin somewhere around October. But I only have the last couple of weeks worth of spam retained. So if you commented and did not see your comment posted or replied to, please look again and resubmit.

I really feel crummy about this. I pride myself on approving and replying to comments quickly. I can even do so from my phone, and watch out for them on weekends and most holidays.

I still get up to 25 spam comments a day. Viagra, online casinos, all the usual junk – and that’s why I moderate comments – so my readers don’t have to deal with that. I’ll be watching spam carefully and looking at other spam filtering options from now on.

Ember Crooks
Ember Crooks

Ember is always curious and thrives on change. She has built internationally recognized expertise in IBM Db2, spent a year working with high-volume MySQL, and is now learning Snowflake. Ember shares both posts about her core skill sets and her journey learning Snowflake.

Ember lives in Denver and work from home

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