Happy Birthday, Susan!

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Today is Susan Visser’s Birthday! Happy Birthday, Susan!

Susan is a prolific blogger on Information Management education and skills. I read her blog regularly and recommend that you do too. Her blog is: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/mydeveloperworks/blogs/SusanVisser/?lang=en_us

Susan has been in various roles with IBM – technical writing, support, managing the certification program for DB2, and now as the Publishing Program Manager for Information Management.

Susan first came into my life when I participated in the DB2’s got talent competition in 2012. Though I did not win or even make it to the Finale, Susan helped me connect with a mentor to write an article for developerWorks. When I met her at the IDUG NA 2012 tech conference in Denver, she started introducing me to people I had heard of and read about. I quickly developed a strategy for that conference to find Susan and follow her around, and I met a lot of great people as a result. At one point, she made me go up to a table of some of my db2 idols (the authors of DB2 10 for Linux, UNIX, Windows New Features eFlashbook), and introduce myself as a “future author”.

Susan is actively seeking out new contributors in the DB2 community and fostering their development. What a great role to be playing.

She’s also had(if I remember correctly – comment to correct me) two million views of her blog – something as a blogger that I aspire to, but would expect it to be at least a decade and maybe more before I achieve.

So help me in wishing Susan a happy birthday on twitter: @susvis

Happy Birthday, Susan!

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