I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

One question I frequently get is “How do you find the time to blog?”. I have a full-time plus job as a DBA and a family with two young kids to boot. The truth is that most of the time, it’s not that hard. I have the world’s most supportive husband, and at least one evening a week, I escape to Starbucks to pound something out. There’s also Lunch Breaks. I frequently eat while writing or thinking up ideas for blog entries.

But sometimes the workload spikes and I need every spare second for my day job. The one that actually pays the bills. I also have a presentation coming up at the IDUG NA conference in a week, and am focusing on making sure I’m really ready for that with every spare second. I’m not even keeping up with Words With Friends at this point – that’s how busy I am. =)

So what do I do when I’ve only managed one blog entry in the last two weeks, and have no hope of writing much in the next week? I call in the reinforcements.

Mike Krafick is going to jump in and help me out. In fact, he’s taking over my blog for the week. He’ll be posting at least three blog entries between April 22 and April 26, and maybe more. Mike is one of a small circle of DB2 experts that I call on when I can’t figure something out. We bounce problems around and ask each other’s advice on things. I know he’s got great topics in mind.

Mike has guest blogged for me several times in the past, and his entries have been popular. So read his stuff next week, comment, and get a different perspective on things for a little while. I’ll be back with a new post on April 29 as I head off to the IDUG NA Tech Conference in Orlando.

Ember Crooks
Ember Crooks

Ember is always curious and thrives on change. She has built internationally recognized expertise in IBM Db2, spent a year working with high-volume MySQL, and is now learning Snowflake. Ember shares both posts about her core skill sets and her journey learning Snowflake.

Ember lives in Denver and work from home

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