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Krafick_HeadshotTwitter debates. I’ve never been in one, nor have I actually heard of them until yesterday. But when @DB2Geek hosted a debate on Tuesday, I decided to pop on and see what it was all about. (Search for hashtag #db2debate).

It was fascinating. Did automation steal the role of DBA or minimize it? Will our role never die because of the need for tuning? What are the biggest challenges?

Unfortunately for the inaugural debate, attendance was smaller because Twitter had shut down (partly) for maintenance. However, a second debate with @DB2Geek will be held on June 18th – “Is the database a commodity”.


Susan Visser @susvis, will be hosting another DB2 debate on Twitter today (Wed, 24th) at 12pm EST. The topic will be “Big Data Management” under the hashtag #bigdatamgmt. Unlike the other debate, this will be a little more structured with the following questions:

Q1 Can one storage technology suffice for all #bigdata? #bigdatamgmt
Q2 What is the optimal mix of rotating vs. solid-state storage for #bigdata? #bigdatamgmt
Q3 What are the benefits of using #Hadoop as a new data archive? #bigdatamgmt
Q4 How can you best control storage costs for #bigdata? #bigdatamgmt
Q5 What is the most storage-efficient database approach for #bigdata? #bigdatamgmt
Q6 When will the tipping point come for all-SSD big-data environments? #bigdatamgmt
Q7 When should you store big data in public cloud vs. on-premise? #bigdatamgmt
Q8 How will data retention practices evolve in era of big data? #bigdatamgmt
Q9 Do I need high-end storage solutions to augment my Hadoop deployment? #bigdatamgmt
Q10 What are the challenges of using Hadoop as a storage layer for “cold” data? #bigdatamgmt

So pop on twitter today and join in! If you are interested in reading the debate from yesterday, Susan did a quick write up summarizing a few tweets here – LINK.

Michael Krafick
Michael Krafick

Michael Krafick is an aspiring Zamboni driver and well known twig-eater. During the day he is a Sr. Database Engineer for a Fortune 500 company. He is a frequent contributor to, an IBM champion, member of the DB2 Technical Advisory Board, and IDUG speaker Hall of Fame inductee. With over 18 years experience in DB2 for LUW, Mike works hard to educate and mentor others.

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