IDUG Orlando (yet another post)

I know that every DB2 blogger out there is writting their posts about IDUG and what excites them about it and what their plans are. But I’m going to write my own post anyway to let my readers know what I’m excited about and where I’ll be.

First off, I love to meet my readers. It totally makes my day to hear that you’re reading and that something in my blog has helped you. So find me and introduce yourself – let’s talk.

Second, I need pictures for the blog – of me with you, of me presenting or just your favorite moments. So snap them and send them on over. What I’d love to find somewhere in the week is a new photo I can use on the main page of the blog!

The single most exciting thing for me this week, is, of course, my own presentation. This is my very first time presenting at IDUG. I’ll be presenting Thursday morning at 8AM, so don’t pick that day to sleep in. My presentation is geared towards beginning and intermediate levels, and is called “The 10 Commandments of Supporting E-Commerce Databases”. It will be in “Grand Sierra H&I”, which I’m sure I’ll understand better once I’ve checked in on Monday morning.

Other sessions I’m particulary excited to see – I list them by person because that’s how I look for them first:

  • Melanie Stopfer
    • 4/30 4:30PM H04 Best Practices: Upgrade to DB2 LUW 10
    • 5/1 3:30PM SIG Nuts and bolts of DB Performance
    • 5/2 1:00PM C10 Wowza! Great Tips I’ve learned about DB2 LUW 10
  • Scott Hayes – 5/2 9:15 C09 – Index Jump Scans and Updated Rules for Optimal DB2 LUW Index Design
  • Rebecca Bond – 4/30 2:00 C02 – DB2 10 LUW – Securely Hiding Behind the Mask
  • Brian Fairchild – 5/2 2:15 C11 – A DB2 LUW Fitness Plan

I’ll be in one of the educational seminars on Monday, and will generally be at most of the events in the evenings. I’m going to Melanie Stopfer’s Dine around on Thursday night, because she’s one of my favorite people on the plannet.

I’ll aslo be tweeting, so follow me @ember_crooks if you haven’t already.

I love the inspiration and ideas that I get from IDUG, and love hanging out with DB2 people. I’m so excited for this week!

Ember Crooks
Ember Crooks

Ember is always curious and thrives on change. She has built internationally recognized expertise in IBM Db2, spent a year working with high-volume MySQL, and is now learning Snowflake. Ember shares both posts about her core skill sets and her journey learning Snowflake.

Ember lives in Denver and work from home

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