Performance Tuning LOBs in a Transaction Processing Environment

Krafick_HeadshotEach Monday, I post a technical blog on referencing my “DB2’s Got Talent” presentation from the previous week.

However, my topic for Episode 131 “Sit. Stay. Good LOB. Domesticating your LOBs” was based off my first developerWorks article which was published on the same day. Instead of reinventing the wheel with an abbreviated article, I would like to point you to the developerWorks article – Taming LOBs in a transaction processing environment: A case study.

I also will mention that I will be presenting two sessions at the 2014 IDUG Technical Conference this year. One session will be a joint presentation with Ember Crooks, “D10 – High Availability Two Step: HADR and Power-HA(HACMP) (DB2 for LUW – II)”. My second presentation will be on LOBs specifically, “D05 – Attack of the Blob! (Managing BLOBs within a DB2 database) (DB2 for LUW – II)”.

Finally, I am asking for your vote one more time. I have been blessed enough to make it very deep into the finals with your help and support. I encourage you to watch the replay or read the developerWorks article and vote for me. Ken had a strong presentation as well and may be a good secondary vote.

  • Go to: DB2 Night Show Replay
  • Select: Episode 131, I am at the 1H 02M 46S mark (Presentation is 4 minutes long)
  • Once Done, fill out the survey at the bottom of the replay page.

Michael Krafick is an occasional contributor to He has been a production support DBA for over 12 years in data warehousing and highly transactional OLTP environments. He was acknowledged as a top ten session speaker for “10 Minute Triage” at the 2012 IDUG Technical Conference. Michael also has extensive experience in setting up monitoring configurations for DB2 Databases as well as preparing for high availability failover, backup, and recovery. He can be reached at “Michael.Krafick (at) icloud (dot) com”. Linked-in Profile: Twitter: mkrafick

Mike’s blog posts include:
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Michael Krafick
Michael Krafick

Michael Krafick is an aspiring Zamboni driver and well known twig-eater. During the day he is a Sr. Database Engineer for a Fortune 500 company. He is a frequent contributor to, an IBM champion, member of the DB2 Technical Advisory Board, and IDUG speaker Hall of Fame inductee. With over 18 years experience in DB2 for LUW, Mike works hard to educate and mentor others.

Articles: 34

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