DB2 Administrative SQL Cookbook: When Were Runstats Done (Beyond STATS_TIME)?


To list all RUNSTATS done in a database in the last three days, whether manual or automatic.


Tested on 10.5. Should work on 10.1 and up.


   select pid, tid,
       substr(eventtype, 1, 10),
       substr(objtype, 1, 30) as objtype,
       substr(objname_qualifier, 1, 20) as objschema,
       substr(objname, 1, 10) as objname,
       substr(first_eventqualifier, 1, 26) as event1,
       substr(second_eventqualifiertype, 1, 2) as event2_type,
       substr(second_eventqualifier, 1, 20) as event2,
       substr(third_eventqualifiertype, 1, 6) as event3_type,
       substr(third_eventqualifier, 1, 15) as event3,
       substr(eventstate, 1, 20) as eventstate
     from table(sysproc.pd_get_diag_hist
       ('optstats', 'EX', 'NONE',
         current_timestamp - 3 days, cast(null as timestamp))) as sl
     where eventstate='success'
     order by timestamp(varchar(substr(first_eventqualifier, 1, 26), 26));

Sample Output

PID                  TID                  3          OBJTYPE                        OBJSCHEMA            OBJNAME    EVENT1                     EVENT2_TYPE EVENT2               EVENT3_TYPE EVENT3          EVENTSTATE
-------------------- -------------------- ---------- ------------------------------ -------------------- ---------- -------------------------- ----------- -------------------- ----------- --------------- --------------------
            41353228               172976 COLLECT    TABLE AND INDEX STATS          DB2NT                IDC_PRIVAT 2017-03-02- BY          User                 -           -               success
            41353228               172976 COLLECT    TABLE AND INDEX STATS          DB2NT                IDC_SPEC_P 2017-03-02- BY          User                 -           -               success
            41353228               271592 COLLECT    TABLE AND INDEX STATS          DB2NT                INTERNET_S 2017-03-02- BY          User                 -           -               success
            41353228               303750 COLLECT    TABLE AND INDEX STATS          DB2NT                ICARO_MAX_ 2017-03-02- BY          User                 -           -               success


The above lists runstats events in the last 3 days. “3 days” can be changed to match the interval you wish to look at, but if auto runstats are enabled, there may be a lot of entries.



Ember Crooks
Ember Crooks

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