Ember Speaking at Midwest Users Groups Meetings September 10 and 11

One of the things I most enjoy in my career is speaking – whether it is at conferences or for Users Groups. I’ll be speaking at Users Groups in St. Louis and Milwaukee September 10 and 11.

Also speaking will be one of my favorite speakers – Pavel Sustr. Pavel has some of the most in-depth and technically detailed presentations I’ve seen. His “Table Space Odyssey” was one of my favorite sessions at IDUG EMEA a year or two ago.

The Wisconsin Db2 Users group posts their information on their own site. Click on the “Register” button on that page to attend. If you’re not a member, it is just $40 for the day.

Information on the meeting in St. Louis, along with the link to register can be found on the Users Group Community site.
Registration for the event is required.

If you’re in either area, please register and join us!


Review the sites for the users groups to see which sessions are at which times at each location – they’re different.

Ember’s Sessions:

Using Jupyter Notebook for Db2 Administration – The Basics of Jupyter Notebook and using it with Db2

There are so many new technologies in the data world. How can a Db2 DBA keep up with them? We can use some of them to our own advantage. Jupyter Notebook is a tool at the heart of data science. Come to this session to learn how you can use Jupyter Notebook in your day-to-day Db2 DBA tasks, for team documentation, and providing details on DB2 or SQL performance in formats that non-DBAs find convincing and compelling. Learn how to use Jupyter Notebook to write your own Db2 Snapshot! The concepts presented are largely cross platform, but the speaker’s experience focuses on LUW, and a Db2 LUW database is used for all examples.

Health Checks: How to Evaluate the Health of a Db2 Database using Jupyter Notebook

Every database can be improved upon. Sometimes a second set of eyes finds problems that we don’t see when we work with a database every day. What should you check when evaluating the health of your database or a co-worker’s database? How do you get all of the information you need? Join Ember to see what she looks at when doing a health check and why.

Pavel’s sessions:

My Favourite Db2 Problem Determination Tricks

As a member of the Db2 LUW development and support team, Pavel uses Db2 problem determination techniques on a daily basis. Whether it is problems reported by test teams, related to his newly written code (rarely happens ;-), or tough customer reports from the field, there are techniques that can lead to a problem resolution more quickly. This session presents some less known or in some cases undocumented tricks and hidden gems that might help the user troubleshoot Db2 issues and even build their reputation as a serious Db2 hacker/insider.

  • Present less known problem determination techniques
  • Understand the diagnostic data returned by the techniques
  • Discuss the best use cases for the individual techniques
  • Master shortcuts leading to problem resolution
  • Get an insider view of problem determination techniques used by the IBM Db2 team

Table Space Odyssey

Db2 storage de-mystified. DMS, SMS, Automatic Storage table space internals. Default table space types across different Db2 editions and versions. Best practices. Container structure, naming conventions, internal architecture. Buffer pool considerations. Storage paths, auto-extend mechanisms, automatic striping. Parallelism vs. performance discussions. Common high watermark issues, reclaimable (object-relative) vs. non-reclaimable (pool-relative). Explanation on current deprecation statements, upgrade paths and considerations. Common tooling and tricks to deep dive into the storage components (db2dart, db2pd, and others).


  • Understand the current table space types
  • Learn about the best usage practices
  • Clarify the current deprecation statements
  • Reveal the internal design of Db2 storage
  • Get an insider view of advanced problem determination techniques

Pavel Sustr is a Senior Software Engineer with IBM Db2 LUW kernel development. Always thrilled to work on hard-to-crack puzzles. Expertise in Db2 LUW kernel architecture, configuration and administration, advanced problem determination, memory architecture, memory leak troubleshooting, and the assembly language. Hands-on development and management experience with buffer pool management, storage, prefetching, page cleaning, transaction logging, recovery, monitoring, and problem determination. As a member of the Db2 team, Pavel spent years in Db2 L2/L3 advanced support (over 1,500 resolved cases), then transitioned to Db2 LUW kernel development where he became Senior Software Engineer and later Development Manager for multiple core Db2 kernel components. In his past life Pavel was an application developer mostly using C++, SQL, .NET, Oracle, MS-SQL, and Informix on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX.

Ember Crooks
Ember Crooks

Ember is always curious and thrives on change. She has built internationally recognized expertise in IBM Db2, spent a year working with high-volume MySQL, and is now learning Snowflake. Ember shares both posts about her core skill sets and her journey learning Snowflake.

Ember lives in Denver and work from home

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