IDUG NA Tech Conference is 1/10th of Normal Cost, and Online!

If you’ve read the blog for a while, you realize I’m a big fan of the IDUG conferences. I’ve gone to the North American one every year for the better part of a decade now, and the European one for several years. In my opinion, there simply is no better place for Db2 education, networking, and to get to actually ask all the burning questions you may have. I have immensely enjoyed speaking there, as well.

While I was sad that IDUG NA had to be cancelled this year, I was also glad, because I had already decided that I would not be able to go due to the pandemic.

The great news is that IDUG is bringing the fantastic education and insider knowledge into all of our homes, and charging about 1/10th of what the in-person conferences cost. For the $199 fee, you also get IDUG Premium membership, which includes additional content and faster access to the presentations from past conferences, and a voucher for a certification test or proctored badge.

The IDUG online experience starts on Monday, July 20th with the normal opening keynotes and spotlight sessions. One of the spotlight sessions includes all the new features of 11.5.4, which are worth learning about. I’ll be tuning in for that and much of Monday. There are several live sessions on July 21 and July 23, as well.

After the first week of live sessions, all the great technical content is spread across 3 weeks. These sessions are mostly pre-recorded, with live Q&A with the speakers – giving you time to listen to the content, digest it and come with questions.

My own session, Analyzing Db2 SQL using Jupyter Notebook, becomes available on July 27th at 8 AM. I’m proud of this session, and sharing a couple of Jupyter Notebooks I’ve developed. I’ll be doing a live Q&A session on August 7th at 11 AM (“Room 2”). Please come and ask questions!

The full agenda is available online – a ton of great speakers have content available. I’ll be making time each week to listen in and ask questions myself. There is even a live expert panel for LUW on August 11 at 1pm.

It may feel like I’m trying to sell something here, but I get no special benefit out of people signing up. It really is amazing to me to have access to all this great content without having to travel or convince management that the cost and time away from work is worth it!

Ember Crooks
Ember Crooks

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