How to Download DB2 FixPacks via FTP

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Edited 2018-02-01. This post is obsolete. For the best way to use FTPS to get fix packs direct to a server, see: Using FTPS to get a Fix Pack Directly to a Db2 Server

Just a simple post here, but you used to be able to fairly easily find the link for FTPing Fix Packs. Since I work from home, downloading and then uploading code is rather slow. If I can manage to go directly to the target server, I can save literally hours.

With the introduction of “Fix Central”, DB2 Fix Packs are no longer stored in the standard locations on So you now must first use your laptop/desktop/some computer with a browser to get a temporary FTP location, and then use wherever you want to FTP to (which can be a Linux/AIX server) to access that temporary location. Details on how to do this are here:

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