Last Chance to Vote in DB2’s Got Talent!

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Have you enjoyed posts from this blog? Have they helped you? Now is your chance to pay it forward. Go vote in DB2’s Got Talent and help YOUR favorite competitor win. I’m voting for Michael (a guest blogger here at, but go watch the last show to see how really outstanding all of your choices are and choose what you think. This contest is only as strong as the DB2 community, and those we can get to go vote. Plus, if you have not yet registered for IDUG, there’s a code for a $200 discount on the voting page. And, you’ll be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

Today is the last chance to vote , and the competition is extremely tight! Go out and vote, whether you watch the replay or not. Go to, scroll to the bottom, and fill out the survey. I recommend voting for Michael and Ken, but vote for whoever you think deserves it. The winner is determined solely based on audience votes, and first place is an all-expenses paid trip to an IDUG conference! The competitors have put in hours of work each week to come up with great DB2 education. I’ve learned from it, and if I have, you can too!

Voting ends today, April 10th at 7PM Mountain Time!

Go vote now!

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