Ember Speaking at DB2 Symposium in Eindhoven on 11 June

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For the 5th blogiversary of db2commerce.com, I’m taking a European trip. It has been more than decade since I’ve been overseas, so I’m very much looking forward to it.

I’ll be speaking at the DB2 Symposium in Einhoven on 11 June! I’ll be giving a day-long intensive on Lessons Learned Running DB2 for E-Commerce. An outline of what I’ll be talking about:

  • High Availability – The Database has to be Online Before Anyone Cares About Performance
    • Overview of high-availability options and considerations
    • How does HADR work – knowing the details can help you make configuration decisions
    • How to set up HADR – a step-by-step guide
    • Using the HADR tools – HADR Simulator, DB2 Log Scanner, and the HADR Calculator
    • How to set up TSAMP to automate HADR failover – another step-by-step guide
    • TSAMP Advanced Topics – beyond db2haicu
  • Monitoring E-Commerce and Transaction-Processing Databases
    • Looking for database problems and helping others look for problems at other layers
    • What to watch during peak retail and transactional periods
    • Using db2top for real time monitoring and lock investigation
    • Using db2pd for system investigation
    • Using the MON_GET* table functions
  • Indexing Tips From the Real World
    • Why low-cardinality indexes are bad for performance
    • Finding problem SQL that could benefit from indexing
    • Mining your package cache for problem SQL
  • Data Pruning – Smaller is Better!
    • Separating workloads for best performance
    • Tips and tricks for deleting large amounts of data
  • Useful SQL for Administering DB2 Databases

The DB2 Symposium is a slightly different format than other conferences and educational opportunities. It provide three days, each with a different speaker with tracks for DB2 for LUW and for Z/OS. It is a fairly small group setting that allows attendees to really connect with the speaker.

You can still sign up if you’d like to attend. There are a couple of great LUW options on 10 June as well – you can sign up for just one day or for multiple days.

Lead Database Administrator
Ember is always curious and thrives on change. Working in IT provides a lot of that change, but after 18 years developing a top-level expertise on Db2 for mid-range servers and more than 7 years blogging about it, Ember is hungry for new challenges and looks to expand her skill set to the Data Engineering role for Data Science. With in-depth SQL and RDBMS knowledge, Ember shares both posts about her core skill set and her journey into Data Science. Ember lives in Denver and work from home

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