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Sometimes with DB2 on Windows installs just don’t go right. There is a repair mode on db2setup that can help.

The Problems

There are a number of problems that can manifest. One is a completely successful install on Windows, but the menu items just don’t show up under “all programs” on the start menu.

Today, I received this error message when installing DB2 11.1 on my Windows 10 laptop:
Then, once I ignored it and tried to actually work with DB2, I got these errors:
I had run commands that should have set DB2INSTANCE already, so it wasn’t just a profile problem. While db2val completed successfully, I still chose to do a repair option.

Invoking a Repair

To invoke a repair, run db2setup.exe again, choose install a product, and work with existing:

Select your DB2 Copy, and then click “Launch DB2 Setup wizard”

Select “Repair”, and then click next:

On the final screen, click “Install”:

Generally I’ve noticed that a repair operation will often require a reboot, even if the original install did not. Also, note that this kind of action would require the instance to be down if you performed on a system where DB2 actually worked.

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