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This blog entry is designed to serve as a roadmap for current blog entries directed at those newer to Db2. In my mind, this likely includes anyone who has been working with Db2 for less than 2 years. However, often there are areas we spend more time in than others, so I think of these topics also as “spackle” – to fill in gaps for the self-taught. Note that some of the topics below are not links. This is because they’re areas I plan to blog about in the future.

If anyone has suggestions for additions, I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Updates to this blog entry are listed at the bottom rather than the top, as a large number are expected.

Introduction to DB2

Introduction to IBM Db2
The Role of Databases
The Role of the Db2 DBA
The Db2 Sample Database

Basics of How to Work with Db2

How to Get a List of Local Db2 Databases
How to Catalog a Db2 Database
Executing a Script of SQL
What you Need to Do to Support a Db2 Environment
Setting up a Command Line to Work with Db2
How to Connect to a Local Db2 Database
Tools for Working With Db2
How Working with Db2 on Windows is Different than Working with Db2 on UNIX/Linux
Data Studio
Data Server Manager(DSM)

Architecture, Build, and Patching

File Systems for Db2 on Unix and Linux
Storage Groups
Patching Db2
Using FTPS to get a Fix Pack Directly to a Db2 Server
Users and Groups Needed to Install Db2
Overview of Full Version Upgrades
Compatibility with Other RDBMS syntax


Users, Authentication, and Authorization
Investigating Permissions in an Existing Database
Overview of Advanced Security Options


Levels of Configuration
Backups of Data and Configuration


Executing a Script of SQL
Statement Terminators
Quotation Marks
SQL Analysis Overview
Navigating the Db2 System Views and Tables
Basics of Writing SQL (series?)
Db2 SQL Basics: The Most Basic Select Statement
Db2 SQL Basics: Selecting only Specific Columns
Db2 SQL Basics: Filtering Rows with the WHERE Clause
DB2 SQL Basics: Joining two tables
DB2 SQL Basics: Limiting Output with the FETCH FIRST Clause

Db2 Documentation, Error Messages, and Troubleshooting

Error Messages
The Db2 Diagnostic Log
What File Systems does my Database Actively Use?
Navigating the IBM Db2 Knowledge Center
Knowledge Center Structure – System Monitor and Syntax
Knowledge Center Structure – Parameter and Message Reference and General Guidance

Locking and Isolation Levels

Isolation Levels and Concurrency Phenomena

Backup, Recovery, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery

High Availability Options for Db2 LUW
Backups of Data and Configuration
The History File
Transaction Logs
Managing Retention of Backup Images and Transaction Log Files
Concepts of Restore

Db2 Objects

Storage Groups
Stored Procedures, Functions, and Modules
Buffer Pools

Administrative Commands, Maintenance, and System Stored Procedures

Administrative Commands

Basics of Performance

SQL Analysis Overview

Data Movement

Exporting Data
Load, Import, Ingest
Load from Cursor
Database Conversion Workbench
Overview of Data Replication Options


What Port Number is Db2 Listening for Connections on?


  • 2018-03-23 Added placeholders for db2pd and compatibility options
  • 2018-04-29 Added connectivity section and link to article on what port Db2 is listening on
  • 2018-07-12 Added link for connecting to a database
  • 2019-01-23 Added link for “What you Need to Do to Support a Db2 Environment”, added ideas to the SQL section
  • 2019-07-24 Added links for blog entries that had been written, but had no links.
  • 2021-09-14 Added link to buffer pool article.

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