Michael Krafick is an aspiring Zamboni driver and well known twig-eater. During the day he is a Sr. Database Engineer for a Fortune 500 company. He is a frequent contributor to datageek.blog, an IBM champion, member of the DB2 Technical Advisory Board, and IDUG speaker Hall of Fame inductee. With over 18 years experience in DB2 for LUW, Mike works hard to educate and mentor others.


Relocating the Instance Home Directory

Krafick_HeadshotSometimes you just have to think out of the box. Sometimes there isn’t an answer on google. Sometimes you have to bend the laws of physics to get the answer. Sometimes you get lucky.

I had a problem, I desperately needed to relocate where my instance was physically installed and move it from one filesystem to another.… Read the rest

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Journey of a DB2’s Got Talent Winner

Krafick_HeadshotI’ve been encouraged by a few to tell my story. How I was encouraged into DB2’s Got Talent 2014, what it was like, decisions I made on the fly, any advice, and what I learned from my experience. To tell you how I won, I have to go back and tell you of the friendship I have developed with Ember and what seemed to be a harmless conversation in January of this year.… Read the rest

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Backup Compression Consideration – DB2 COMPRESS vs. GZIP

Krafick_HeadshotWe interrupt your regular programming for a quick announcement.

If you have been reading DB2commerce.com for a while you know I am an occasional guest writer on this technical blog. I’ve worked this year on expanding my comfort zone with regular articles here, a developerWorks article to be posted next week, and I have entered as a competitor on the DB2 Night Show’s “DB2s Got Talent”.… Read the rest

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Twitter Debates

Krafick_HeadshotTwitter debates. I’ve never been in one, nor have I actually heard of them until yesterday. But when @DB2Geek hosted a debate on Tuesday, I decided to pop on and see what it was all about. (Search for hashtag #db2debate).

It was fascinating.… Read the rest

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