SQL+RDBMS Basics: What is a Commit?

This post is cross-platform and applies to all RDBMSes.

It is interesting to see, as a person experienced with a technical tool, some of the disadvantages of the newer ways of learning technical topics. When I started in IT, you learned some of the concepts in college, you learned some things working on the job with other DBAs who knew what they were doing, and you filled in the gaps by going to week-long classes once a year to get some detailed and hands-on official training.… Read the rest

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Index of Introductory Db2 Topics

This blog entry is designed to serve as a roadmap for current blog entries directed at those newer to Db2. In my mind, this likely includes anyone who has been working with Db2 for less than 2 years. However, often there are areas we spend more time in than others, so I think of these topics also as "spackle" - to fill in gaps for the self-taught. Note that some of the topics below are not links. This is because they're areas I plan to blog about in the future. Continue reading »