1. Dear Colleagues, I’m in big trouble for the unexpected SQL1042C in my shop DB2 LUW V11.1 running on CentOS 6.
    My analysis is shortly described by these sentences:
    [db2inst1@db2 ~]$ db2 “create stogroup SG_4 on ‘/data/new_path1’,’/data5/new_path2′”
    DB20000I The SQL command completed successfully.
    db2inst1@db2 ~]$ db2pd -d DBPRE -storagegroups
    Database Member 0 — Database DBPRE — Active — Up 0 days 01:26:45 — Date 2018-06-28-
    Storage Group Configuration:
    Address SGID Default DataTag Name
    0x00007FA597840D60 0 Yes 0 IBMSTOGROUP
    0x00007FA5A6052000 2 No 0 SG_4
    Storage Group Statistics:
    Address SGID State Numpaths NumDropPen
    0x00007FA597840D60 0 0x00000000 2 0
    0x00007FA5A6052000 2 0x00000000 2 0
    Storage Group Paths:
    Address SGID PathID PathState PathName
    0x00007FA597874000 0 0 InUse /home/db2inst1
    0x00007FA597872000 0 1 InUse /data/sg2
    0x00007FA5A6053000 2 2048 NotInUse /data/new_path1
    0x00007FA5A561A000 2 2049 NotInUse /data5/new_path2
    Some days working without any negative behavior, therefore we decided to replicate in production (without backup, else too simple) and withot following “https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SSEPGG_10.5.0/com.ibm.db2.luw.admin.sec.doc/doc/c0050516.html” (else too easy).
    Therefore we assume that the reason of SQL1042C be clear (but not 100% sure). Any way, the problem is to recover data, of course. Could you please try to help us before being hanged ?
    Thanks and regards, carlo

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