Using the IBM_DB Ruby gem with DB2

I am currently working on learning Ruby. I have always been a Perl fanatic, but a new build framework that my company is using requires me to use Ruby. Whee, a chance to learn something new! I am a geek.


In Perl, I never used the DBI due to the issues that I had with getting it installed in a couple of AIX environments, and the inability in some client environments to install the DBI.… Read the rest

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Three HADR Failures

When you move DB2 servers from one hosting provider to another, you have to re-do hadr. Along with another DBA, I had 6 production databases across 3 instances to move last Saturday night, along with the HADR databases. The entire change had been tested ahead of time at least once, and probably more like 3 times, with no hiccups.… Read the rest

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Cloning a DB2 Database Server

I’ve built new servers in half a dozen different ways. One of the ways most favored these days, especially by the other Engineers on my team is cloning. Whether it’s an Amazon EC2 copy or VM Ware that you’re using, some method of taking an image of an existing server and turning it into a new server seems to be gaining popularity.… Read the rest

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