The basics of Index Design for DB2

The keyword in the title of this post is “basics”. I spend some time training SQL Server or Oracle DBAs on DB2, and so this is the answer on the most basic level to how to identify indexes to add. There are certainly greater experts on this topic than me, so I don’t claim to have a comprehensive view on Indexing.… Read the rest

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Commerce Database Facts

So these are miscellaneous things that I sometimes note about Commerce databases. Though some of the details here may reference DB2, the basic facts are RDBMS-independent, so they would be true for Oracle Commerce databases as well as DB2 ones.

Most tables have generated primary keys

Commerce tends to use sequential numbers for most primary keys, or as a component of a composite primary key.… Read the rest

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Mass Cleanup of Guest Users

By special request, I’m going to share some details on how to do a one-time offline clean up of guest users.

PLEASE NOTE: Following are suggestions only – it is critical to thoroughly test this before doing  this in production. This is one of the most tested and still most failed changes I do.… Read the rest

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10 Commerce Tables you should be familiar with

UPDATE: An updated version of this post is available – Updated: 10 WebSphere Commerce Tables You Should Be Familiar With


So there are 800+ tables in the typical Commerce database – you’re never going to know them all. And getting a start on understanding the data model – even in the more limited way needed when you’re playing primarily the system dba role can be daunting.… Read the rest

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