When is a Reorg Really Online?

We bandy about the term “online” reorg. But you’d be surprised how often there are issues with that. IBM officially calls it an “INPLACE” reorg. Read on to understand exactly when it is fully online and when it is not.


When we first got our hands on online reorgs, it seemed like the “INPLACE” keyword was all we needed, and we had availability during reorg – that any they required less disk space at one time.… Read the rest

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Running DBClean the First Time

This post is specific to WebSphere Commerce. If you’re supporting WebSphere Commerce and you don’t know what dbclean is, get yourself a cup of coffee and start researching.

This post does not cover why to run dbclean or what parameters to use with dbclean – search my blog for more posts on that using the search box at the upper right or google.… Read the rest

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Holiday Preparation

What do you do to prepare for the holidays? We’re starting to think about Black Friday for our retail clients in September or maybe even August. Each business has its Black Friday equivalent – the few days each year that account for 5%(or more) of your online revenue for the year – even if they aren’t anywhere near November.… Read the rest

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Mass Cleanup of Guest Users

By special request, I’m going to share some details on how to do a one-time offline clean up of guest users.

PLEASE NOTE: Following are suggestions only – it is critical to thoroughly test this before doing  this in production. This is one of the most tested and still most failed changes I do.… Read the rest

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DBClean – Guest Users

This is part of a series focusing on the details of each item that needs to be pruned in a Commerce database.

Guest Users

What is it?

Guest Users are created by Commerce in the database. Technically they are only needed for when you allow a customer to add items to their cart before logging in or registering, or for a few other actions.… Read the rest

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