It has taken me a while to fully understand the difference between HADR_TIMEOUT and HADR_PEER_WINDOW. I think there is some confusion here, so I’d like to address what each means and some considerations when setting them. In general, you’ll only need HADR_TIMEOUT when using HADR and only need HADR_PEER_WINDOW when using TSA(db2haicu) or some other automated failover tool.… Read the rest

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DB2 LUW – What is a Page?

The logical view of a database consists of the standard objects in any RDBMS – Tables, Indexes, etc. There are a number of layers of abstraction between this and the physical hardware level, both in the OS and within DB2.

Setting the Page Size

The smallest unit of I/O that DB2 can handle is a page.… Read the rest

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Somewhere along the line, I associated ‘AUTOMATIC’ settings for parameters with DB2’s Self-Tuning Memory Manger (STMM). But the two are not associated. Sure, if STMM is set to ON, then some parameters set to AUTOMATIC will be tuned by the STMM, but many parameters can be set to automatic whether STMM is ON or not.… Read the rest

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Looking at How Much Memory DB2 is Using

I used to think that if I could just get enough details into a spreadsheet, I could tell exactly how much memory DB2 would be using at any point in time. I gave up on the spreadsheet idea long ago, though when I was working with 32-bit systems and their limit of ~2GB for the most critical memory areas, I did use a simplified spreadsheet when adjusting to make sure I could keep it under the 2GB.… Read the rest

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Using TSA/db2haicu to Automate Failover Part 3: Testing, Ways Setup can go Wrong and What to do.

Part 3 in this series is a bit overdue. Parts 1 and 2 were back in April. This is a complicated topic. Please use any procedures here with extreme care, and keep in mind that if you have anything other than the standard two-server HADR-only TSA implementation, these procedures probably aren’t the best idea, as they could break other things.… Read the rest

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Parameter Wednesday: DB CFG UTIL_HEAP_SZ

DB2 Version This Was Written For


Parameter Name


Where This Parameter Lives


How To Check Value

> db2 get db cfg for sample |grep UTIL_HEAP_SZ
 Utilities heap size (4KB)                (UTIL_HEAP_SZ) = 70982


> db2 "select name, substr(value,1,12) value, substr(deferred_value,1,12) deferred_value from sysibmadm.dbcfg
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