Locking Parameters

So I thought I’d write a post covering locking parameters. This is by no means a comprehensive coverage of isolation levels and locking, but more of a practically oriented guide to the parameters available in DB2 that relate to locking.


This database configuration parameter specifies the time in seconds that a connection will wait for a needed lock before returning an error to the user.… Read the rest

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Managing db2 transaction log files

Logging method

There are two methods of logging that DB2 supports: Circular and Archive. I believe Oracle has similar modes.


To my extreme disgust, the default that Commerce uses if you don’t change anything is Circular logging. Circular logging is more often appropriate for databases where you don’t care about the data (seen it for databases supporting Tivoli and other vendors) or for a Data Warehousing and Decision Support databases where you have extremely well defined data loading processes that can easily be re-done on demand.… Read the rest

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What is HADR?

HADR is DB2’s implementation of log shipping. Which means it’s a shared-nothing kind of product. But it is log shipping at the Log Buffer level instead of the Log File level, so it can be extremely up to date.… Read the rest

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