Db2 One Way Hashing as a Data Masking Solution

Database performance is heavily influenced by data volume and cardinality (or how unique that data may be).

It’s interesting to watch the look on someone’s face when this concept clicks. There is a look of understanding from a developer when she can extrapolate why SQL ran in seconds on a small, local, dockerized, database but the same SQL runs in minutes in a much larger QA environment.… Read the rest

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Introducing: Roll for Database!

Alright, so I’m playing around with something. I’ve developed a bit of a TikTok addiction after exploring the platform to connect with my 14-year-old. One of the post types I’ve enjoyed is the “Roll for ______” type, where the content creator uses dice typical to Dungeons and Dragons to choose combinations of things that are sometimes magical, sometimes ridiculous, and occasionally disgusting.… Read the rest

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