Query Performance Analysis

Some of the more complicated work a DBA does is often analyzing a query. Whether it is proactive or in response to a performance problem, there are so many factors that go into query performance. Even when looking at a query that has a performance problem, there is only occasionally a single, obvious cause for all of the problems.… Read the rest

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Adding a GENERATED ALWAYS Column to a Table

GENERATED ALWAYS can be a blessing or a curse. I’m not talking about identity columns here, but about creating a column that is actually a duplicate of some part of the data to boost performance. Sure, in 10.5 we can do indexes on expressions, but for some clients I have trouble just getting them to go to a supported level, much less the latest and greatest.… Read the rest

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LBAC – Label Based Access Control

To go with my recent article on RCAC/FGAC, I thought I would do some similar work using LBAC and see what I could learn about it and the differences between the two.

What is LBAC

Label Based Access Control essentially adds a column to a table that labels each row (think confidential, secret, top secret), and then grants uses of those labels to users to allow them to access the data.… Read the rest

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