Binding Packages

I approach binding from a physical/system DBA point of view. I’m not an application developer, and don’t understand all the possible intricacies of binding. But there is some information and tips I can share on binding packages in DB2. There are definitely some application developer topics included here.… Read the rest

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IDUG NA 2013 Brain Dump

Wait, don’t avoid reading this because you didn’t go to the conference. There is still valuable stuff here. In fact, it is even more valuable for those who did not go. Last year, I posted my brain dump by basically re-writing all of my paper notes.… Read the rest

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Using TSA/db2haicu to Automate Failover Part 3: Testing, Ways Setup can go Wrong and What to do.

Part 3 in this series is a bit overdue. Parts 1 and 2 were back in April. This is a complicated topic. Please use any procedures here with extreme care, and keep in mind that if you have anything other than the standard two-server HADR-only TSA implementation, these procedures probably aren’t the best idea, as they could break other things.… Read the rest

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DB2 Clients

So there are a few topics I wanted to cover relating to DB2 clients and how Commerce uses them.

Type 2 vs. Type 4 drivers

So strictly speaking, this is referring to the JDBC driver being used. Type 2 JDBC drivers are the traditional kind that require having a DB2 client installed, and the databases properly cataloged within that DB2 client.… Read the rest

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