Relocating the Instance Home Directory

Krafick_HeadshotSometimes you just have to think out of the box. Sometimes there isn’t an answer on google. Sometimes you have to bend the laws of physics to get the answer. Sometimes you get lucky.

I had a problem, I desperately needed to relocate where my instance was physically installed and move it from one filesystem to another.… Read the rest

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Backup Compression Consideration – DB2 COMPRESS vs. GZIP

Krafick_HeadshotWe interrupt your regular programming for a quick announcement.

If you have been reading for a while you know I am an occasional guest writer on this technical blog. I’ve worked this year on expanding my comfort zone with regular articles here, a developerWorks article to be posted next week, and I have entered as a competitor on the DB2 Night Show’s “DB2s Got Talent”.… Read the rest

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Binding Packages

I approach binding from a physical/system DBA point of view. I’m not an application developer, and don’t understand all the possible intricacies of binding. But there is some information and tips I can share on binding packages in DB2. There are definitely some application developer topics included here.… Read the rest

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When is a Reorg Really Online?

We bandy about the term “online” reorg. But you’d be surprised how often there are issues with that. IBM officially calls it an “INPLACE” reorg. Read on to understand exactly when it is fully online and when it is not.


When we first got our hands on online reorgs, it seemed like the “INPLACE” keyword was all we needed, and we had availability during reorg – that any they required less disk space at one time.… Read the rest

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