Reducing Contention: Changing Default Isolation Level for Websphere Commerce (WCS)


The Problem

I often lean on analogies when I speak to non-technical people about technical topics. For example, I would explain database locking as “two kids fighting for the same candy bar”.  If you introduce isolation levels into the conversation, I would expand the analogy to include “one sibling holding on to a candy bar they care nothing about just because they don’t want the other sibling getting to it”.… Read the rest

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Query Performance Analysis

Some of the more complicated work a DBA does is often analyzing a query. Whether it is proactive or in response to a performance problem, there are so many factors that go into query performance. Even when looking at a query that has a performance problem, there is only occasionally a single, obvious cause for all of the problems.… Read the rest

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Comparing dsmtop and db2top

dsmtop is a long-awaited refresh of the wildly popular db2top. Like db2top, dsmtop is a free tool, included with DB2. It is in the base DB2 install starting with 11.1, and can be installed on DB2 10.1 or 10.5.

History of db2top

As I personally recall, db2top first came out of IBM AlphaWorks.… Read the rest

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