The DBA Ethos

I am a DBA. No matter what title my company gives me, my primary job is designing, engineering, and supporting DB2 databases. DBAs sometimes have a bad reputation. I was a bit surprised the first time my engineering colleagues told me how lucky we were to have such great involved DBAs.… Read the rest

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Happy Third Blogiversary to!

Wow, I have been blogging for a full three years now! I have only consistently blogged weekly for about 1.5 years. But what success blogging has brought me!

I put a lot of effort into my blog. One of my favorite things in the world actually turns out to be writing a good blog post – it can wash away a bad day at work and get me back in balance.… Read the rest

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Twitter Debates

Krafick_HeadshotTwitter debates. I’ve never been in one, nor have I actually heard of them until yesterday. But when @DB2Geek hosted a debate on Tuesday, I decided to pop on and see what it was all about. (Search for hashtag #db2debate).

It was fascinating.… Read the rest

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A New Version of DB2 Announced!

IBM announced on April 3rd a new version of DB2. I tend to be stuck a few versions back due to what WebSphere Commerce certifies with, but I’m constantly learning about and drooling over new versions. I think many DBAs end up stuck a version or two back for longer than they would like.… Read the rest

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The Basics of Code Pages in DB2

You’ve got your database code page set as UTF-8, what more do you need to know, right? DB2 automatically handles all that conversion stuff for you, right?

I’ve been dealing with significant amounts of data using UTF-8 characters that differ from the unix/linux standard code page(in the US) of 819 for the first time in a couple of years, and thought I would share some of the things I’ve learned.… Read the rest

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