Going Beyond 2 Servers – HADR as a High Availability/Disaster Recovery option.

KrafickWhen the client considers high availability and disaster recovery, they often do not know what they are talking about. Many times the client may be dropping buzzwords like “five nines”. To them this is the definition of disaster recovery. In other cases, they are thinking of a worst-case scenario where a whole data center falls off the face of the earth and they need high availability.… Read the rest

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DB2 Backups When Using Native Encryption

I’ve recently implemented native encryption for a small database on a server that is somewhat oversized on CPU and memory. One of the things I noticed after encrypting my database was both increased backup duration and increased backup size.

Backup Size

On this particular system, I take compressed DB2 backups to disk, which is later externalized.… Read the rest

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Speeding up DB2 Backups

It’s a question I hear frequently – How can I speed up backups? I thought I’d share some details on doing so.

Database Layout

Any backup cannot be faster than it takes to back up the largest tablespace. Parallelism is essentially done on the tablespace level – meaning one thread per tablespace.… Read the rest

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