Backup Compression Consideration – DB2 COMPRESS vs. GZIP

Krafick_HeadshotWe interrupt your regular programming for a quick announcement.

If you have been reading for a while you know I am an occasional guest writer on this technical blog. I’ve worked this year on expanding my comfort zone with regular articles here, a developerWorks article to be posted next week, and I have entered as a competitor on the DB2 Night Show’s “DB2s Got Talent”.… Read the rest

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Parameter Wednesday: DB CFG UTIL_HEAP_SZ

DB2 Version This Was Written For


Parameter Name


Where This Parameter Lives


How To Check Value

> db2 get db cfg for sample |grep UTIL_HEAP_SZ
 Utilities heap size (4KB)                (UTIL_HEAP_SZ) = 70982


> db2 "select name, substr(value,1,12) value, substr(deferred_value,1,12) deferred_value from sysibmadm.dbcfg
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DB2 Commands: db2relocatedb

I’m pretty proficient with a redirected restore. As a first or second year DBA, I remember being afraid of their voodoo, but I even at one point wrote a redirected restore script (on DB2 7 or 8) that would do a redirected restore of a PeopleSoft database with hundreds of containers, changing the paths in a predictable way on a specific set of systems.… Read the rest

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