Establishing a DB2 JDBC Connection

KrafickRecently I was forced outside my comfort zone and asked to vet various open source BI tools. I was a report developer in a past life, a database administrator supporting datamarts at various employers, and even supported Cognos backend databases. I thought my past experience gave me an edge when it came to evaluating BI tools.… Read the rest

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Determining Log Span


Some time ago, I wrote a post that suggested using the NUM_LOG_SPAN database configuration parameter to prevent long-running transactions from filling your transaction log.

Using NUM_LOG_SPAN will indeed prevent the problem of long running transcations causing log file saturation, but what if you just want to find applications could become a problem, before the problem happens?… Read the rest

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Using DB2’s ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE to Move Tables from One Tablespace to Another


ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE is an administrative stored procedure introduced in DB2 9.7. The intent is to provide a tool that can be used to perform an online move of a table, while transactions are still occurring against the table. Moves can be used to change what tablespace a table is in, convert a table to MDC, change the table name, perform several changes that would normally require reorgs, reduce the size of a column, and perform other changes.… Read the rest

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How to Connect to a Local DB2 Database Without Specifying a Password in PowerShell

One of the awesome things about running scripts locally on a DB2 server is that if they’re run as a privileged user, you do not have to specify the password. This makes for easier scripting without storing or encrypting passwords. When I first connected to a database with PowerShell, it took me a bit to figure out how to do the password-less local connection, so I thought I would share.… Read the rest

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