Binding Packages

I approach binding from a physical/system DBA point of view. I’m not an application developer, and don’t understand all the possible intricacies of binding. But there is some information and tips I can share on binding packages in DB2. There are definitely some application developer topics included here.… Read the rest

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Tips for Using the IBM DB2 Information Center Part 3: Information Structure – Parameter and Message Reference and General Guidance

This article is the third in a series about the IBM DB2 Information Center. Please check out the other articles in this series:

Tips for Using the IBM DB2 Information Center Part 2: Information Structure – System Monitor and Syntax

Tips for Using the IBM DB2 Information Center Part 1: Navigating

Adminstration Guide: Performance / Parameter References

Man, it would be hard to choose a favorite if I had to choose one of these sections I'm describing in this post.… Read the rest

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SQL1265N on Rollforward When Restoring Database From One Server to Another

As I mentioned in a recent post, I do a lot of restoring databases to get them from one server to another. On rollforward after a recent restore, I saw this:

$ db2 force applications all; db2 deactivate db WC037P01; db2 "restore db WC037D01 from /app/IBM/db2/db_bkup taken at 20120723030327 into WC037P01 logtarget /app/IBM/db2/db_bkup/logs replace existing without prompting"
DB20000I  The FORCE APPLICATION command completed successfully.
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Introducing Parameter Wednesday – DBM CFG: NUMDB

This is a new blog post format I’m introducing. I’m declaring Wednesday Parameter Day. That means each Wednesday, I’ll pick a parameter and cover it in excruciating detail. Some of the details will come straight out of the info center, but I’ll add my own experiences and insight geared towards e-commerce databases and throw in specifics for WebSphere Commerce from time to time.… Read the rest

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