Playing With CLPPLUS

I’ve played with the clpplus at least once before, but have generally thought of it as a tool created to satisfy those coming from Oracle and looking for Oracle-like features. One of the features I actually liked about Oracle in the class and certification tests that I took for it was the ability to specify values for an SQL statement stored in a file on execution.… Read the rest

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Redesigning Tablespaces in an Existing Database

Like many applications, WebSphere Commerce puts all tables in USERSPACE1 unless they need larger page sizes. This actually works just fine for smaller and midrange implementations, but we have about one build a year that requires something else – either because of standards that client DBAs adhere to or because they actually are busy enough for I/O and separate buffer pools to matter.… Read the rest

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There are a a vast array of things you can do in SQL. But just because you can doesn’t always mean that you should.

I recently ran into an interesting situation with FETCH FIRST ROW ONLY.

How the Problem Manifested

The day after new code was deployed, a production database system that usually runs with 40% CPU utilization or less was suddenly pegged at 100% CPU utilization.… Read the rest

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