10 Minute Triage: Assessing Problems Quickly (Part 2)

(For Part 1 of this series, please click 10 Minute Triage: Assessing Problems Quickly, Part 1).

One of my favorite commercials is from a motor oil company. The scene begins with a man who is sleeping soundly. His slumber ends abruptly when he is physically grabbed by the collar, shoved on a treadmill  and forced to run in an all out sprint from a cold start to prove a point about the abuse we give our cars in the morning.… Read the rest

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The basics of Index Design for DB2

The keyword in the title of this post is “basics”. I spend some time training SQL Server or Oracle DBAs on DB2, and so this is the answer on the most basic level to how to identify indexes to add. There are certainly greater experts on this topic than me, so I don’t claim to have a comprehensive view on Indexing.… Read the rest

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SQL Analysis Overview

So I thought I’d do a short series on analyzing SQL. I want to focus on some of the techniques I use, so not necessarily everything you could know about it, but some basics on one way to do it.

I’m going to focus on what you can do manually with no pay-for-use or even tools that require additional installation tasks.
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Identifying Problem SQL

Many DBAs have their own methods and approaches in this area,  but there are some basic sources and methods that I use. I’ll cover at least the basics of SQL  analysis in one or more future posts

Get SQL from Developers

So the optimum situation is that your developers give you the SQL they’re planning to use in custom code (or better yet, they have a dba write it in the first place).… Read the rest

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