DB2 Basics: Patching DB2

Like any software, DB2 requires frequent patching. A database should be one of the most secure parts of any enterprise, and keeping it secure means keeping up with the fixes that are delivered in fix packs.

Fix Packs

DB2 delivers many things through fixpacks, including:

  • Security Fixes
  • Bug Fixes
  • New Functionality – though IBM goes back and forth on this

IBM delivered Native Encryption in Fix Pack 5 of DB2 10.5.… Read the rest

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DB2 Basics: The DB2 LUW Sample Database

I find the DB2 sample database useful for trying new things and proving to myself how things work.

Why Use the Sample Database?

The DB2 sample database is useful for a variety of reasons.

Testing Connectivity

Sometimes when building a new database server, we need to test connectivity from an application server or some random client into the new server.… Read the rest

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DB2 Basics: What is BLU?

BLU has been all the hype for DB2 for the past year or more. What exactly is DB2 BLU? How does it work? What do you need to consider before jumping on the bandwagon?

What is DB2 BLU

BLU leverages the DB2 engine but is a significantly different animal in many ways from DB2 without BLU.… Read the rest

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