DB2 Basics: db2top

There are a lot of things I can cover on db2top, and probably more tips and tricks using db2top than many other tools out there. Searching the web on db2top gets more good results than on many other db2 topics. I thought I’d start with some of the basics.… Read the rest

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DB2 Basics: Aliases

My blog entries covering the DB2 Basics continue to be my most popular blog entries. This is probably because they appeal to a wider audience – even non-DBAs are interested in them and I continue to rank highly in Google search results.… Read the rest

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Quick Tip: Simple Errors on Database Connection

There are a couple of errors that you can get on database connection that simply mean you typed something wrong, but I figure there are people who will search on these errors, so I thought I would share. If you do not already have a database connection, you can get:

db2 conenct to SAMPLE
DB21034E  The command was processed as an SQL statement because it was not a
valid Command Line Processor command.
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DB2 Basics: Quotation Marks

This blog entry may be a little on the basic side, but some of my most basic entries are some of my most popular ones.

DB2 has a number of special characters, for which there are rules of use. Both the single quotation mark and the double quotation marks are special characters.… Read the rest

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