WebSphere Commerce Instance Creation Doesn’t Like DB2 9.7 FixPack 5

This post is specific to WebSphere Commerce. We spent a fair amount of time on this, both on a SUSE server and a Red Hat Server. The problem manifested in different ways. The main thing that became obvious to me is that Commerce was not creating the Commerce database as the dbaUser specified in createInstance.properties file, but was instead using the id that was running the Commerce Instance creation.… Read the rest

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SQL Analysis Overview

So I thought I’d do a short series on analyzing SQL. I want to focus on some of the techniques I use, so not necessarily everything you could know about it, but some basics on one way to do it.

I’m going to focus on what you can do manually with no pay-for-use or even tools that require additional installation tasks.
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Identifying Problem SQL

Many DBAs have their own methods and approaches in this area,  but there are some basic sources and methods that I use. I’ll cover at least the basics of SQL  analysis in one or more future posts

Get SQL from Developers

So the optimum situation is that your developers give you the SQL they’re planning to use in custom code (or better yet, they have a dba write it in the first place).… Read the rest

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Locks – Timeout vs. Deadlock

So questions in this area most often come from DBAs from other RDBMS’s or from developers. I’ll probably write other posts on locks, but here are the basics on deadlocks vs. timeouts.

Why we get them confused at all

Ah the wisdom that went into grouping these under a single error code with different return/reason codes.… Read the rest

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