IDUG Tech Conference in Anaheim – Question on Panel Session – Updated

As I was watching the DB2 Night Show on Monday (I missed the first half on Friday), Terry announced that they were going to combine the DB2 for Z/OS and DB2 for LUW panel sessions. They’re making them a bit longer. The reason given for this is that they want to stream both of them, but only have the equipment to stream one at a time. Through conversations and posts on Twitter, I decided to open a Twitter poll on the issue to see if we can get some feedback from others on how they feel about it.

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IBM’s DB2 RFE Program

RFE stands for “Request for Enhancement”. IBM has this program for a number of products, but until late 2016, the RFEs for DB2 on LUW were not publicly available to vote on. Now they are, and we’re seeing action on them.

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Site Stats

2015 was again a record year for This year saw over 380,000 page views, which is more than 100,000 more than last year! I expect next year to not be such a drastic increase because my traffic has been fairly even through this year instead of the rapid series of upward steps I’ve seen in previous years. Despite the drastic increase in views, this was the first year I didn’t double the page views from the previous year. By contrast, in 2012 – the first year when I published an average of at least one post a week, I saw 65,000 page views the whole year. I do believe I may be saturating the DB2 audience.

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Who/What I’m Thankful for in the DB2 Community

It is a busy time of year for DBAs. Many of us will put in a large number of hours between Friday and Monday keeping ecommerce databases running and our company’s profits rolling. But it’s also a time of year in the USA where we take a moment to be thankful for the things around us and make sure that the people we are thankful to and for are aware of it. I am thankful for a lot of things in the world, but here are some of the things from the DB2 community that I am thankful for.

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