What is DB2’s Got Talent, and Why Should You Care?

Well, I’m out. 5th place or lower overall, so no need for more votes. Thanks for your support, and I still recommend everyone listen to the shows – great information there.

I have to admit that I didn’t listen to all of last year’s DB2’s Got Talent shows as they were occurring. I didn’t go back and listen until I was getting ready to participate myself this year. I guess I expected them to be boring or messy presentations on topics I was already familiar with. The thing that has really amazed me this year is that despite being nervous and focusing on what I have to do, I still have come out of each of the finals shows with some awesome tip or trick that I can’t wait to actually put into use.

In show #74, Elder taught me some neat things about db2top. I’ve tried it in collector mode before, but now I want to go back and try the -A option, and also the option to write data out to csv – both things I was not previously aware of.

In show #73, Younhang’s use of DBMS_WAITONE was really exciting to me – I was looking for the functionality of a sleep command just a few weeks ago, and now I have it.

In show #72, Brian taught me something about reorgs -which I would have thought highly unlikely – I know reorgs pretty well, but I’m excited to work with his method for estimating the space that index reorgs will take.

I’m participated in the contest because I ultimately want to present at IDUG. But it’s also intimidating as heck to actually think about a full hour in that kind of forum, even for someone like me who has very little fear of public speaking. A few years ago, I was shocked to learn that more Americans are afraid of public speaking than going to the dentist – give me a room full of strangers and a topic I don’t know well any day over the dentist! I was on a speech team in high school and did a bit of debate too – though I wasn’t wildly successful, I wasn’t a complete failure, either.

My career goal at this point is to be a db2 guru. One part of that is knowing DB2 really well, and I would say that I do know some aspects really well. I can talk reorgs and some aspects of indexing and physical performance and backups/restores and security with you all day long. I do some informal training of other DBAs in my current job, and it’s one of my favorite parts of my job. That’s the other part of being a guru – sharing your knowledge effectively. And to do that, I need to present at conferences. Maybe write a book – I’ve always been tempted to, but have heard it’s a lot of work outside of one’s normal job.

I still hope to go to IDUG this year if I can get my company to pay for it.

Listen to replays of past shows here: http://www.dbisoftware.com/blog/db2nightshow.php

Please consider voting for my friend, Brian Fairchild. We worked together several years ago, and he is a great DBA.

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Ember Crooks
Ember Crooks

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  1. Ember, you did VERY, VERY well, I was sure you would be one of the “safe” ones in the end, shame it didn’t work…
    I’ll keep watching your blog and will hopefully watch your presentation at IDUG someday 🙂

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