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Basic but comprehensive introductory coverage on core DB2 topics

Index of Introductory Db2 Topics

This blog entry is designed to serve as a roadmap for current blog entries directed at those newer to Db2. In my mind, this likely includes anyone who has been working with Db2 for less than 2 years. However, often there are areas we spend more time in than others, so I think of these topics also as "spackle" - to fill in gaps for the self-taught. Note that some of the topics below are not links. This is because they're areas I plan to blog about in the future.

Db2 Basics: Error Messages

When I do work in other domains – even something as connected as scripting – I find the error messages confusing and unhelpful. Most of the time, this is mostly because I don’t know much about the language or the…

Db2 Basics: Levels of Configuration

Updated 11/22/2017: instructions on how to run the SQL statement There are a number of places where we can store and change configuration for a Db2 server. I wanted to walk through the main areas and a few details about…

DB2 Basics: Statement Terminators

The default statement terminator for DB2 on Linux, UNIX, and Windows platforms is the semi-colon (;). If you are executing a script of SQL using the -tf options, and do not specify an alternate terminator, DB2 will assume you are…